Entry #3

Rip Van Winkle Had The Right Idea

2009-09-22 22:05:07 by GregoryGrub

So, senior year at FSU has consumed me, and forced me to drink and dance away the weekends to counteract all the writing I'm made to do in my workshops. There's no room in my life for flash cartooning right now and it sucks. Been doing poetry and other stuff but my Tomato Wires project is in the same place it was months ago. I tried to learn life drawing and I got to learning how to draw chairs and hands and I thought to myself, what the fuck am I doing? How is this going to help me draw cartoons? It was so boring that I never finished over the summer. I need to learn animation, not life drawing. Today it hit me that the only way I'm going to get it done is if I just go to town on it. I've been nibbling at it with little ideas here and there but I haven't sunk my teeth in yet. Something sadly comical and ironic to note is that my flash idea is about breaking free from imprisoning technology but what's keeping me from making this flash is technology. I spend to much time wasting on the internet and tv and then college and my social life swallows up what's left. I have to beat the same thing my characters have to beat. Art is pain though. And you gotta have conflict. Someone was telling me at party last weekend that all of the best artists have to suffer and endure pain in order to produce. I agree for the most part, but it's a bittersweet thought. Earlier I set a deadline to be finished in the fall and now I'm not setting any deadlines. Whenever this thing is finished, it will be finished. And then I will sleep for 20 years.

Rip Van Winkle Had The Right Idea


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2009-11-27 11:24:43

The way I see it, if Seth Macfarlane could make a career out of Cock jokes and fart jokes at the age of 24, why the FUCK can't I?!

GregoryGrub responds:

Ha, good point. I'm so pumped for this holiday break. I have many many plans to execute. I want to know Flash by the end of it. And of course, buddy, we gotta make something crazy to put on here and melt faces off with our lols.